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What is WP Admin?

Anyone with a WordPress account knows the admin space. It’s functional and versatile—but not exactly the nicest to look at.

The RebrandPress Experience

With RebrandPress, you get the opportunity to absolutely transform your WordPress experience with a whole host of navigation features and branding upgrades. Your team, contractors, or anyone else who comes into contact with it will be blown away by it’s dynamic new look.

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John Doe

Marketing manager

Introducing New WP Admin

New name, new you

Rename the plugin and change the description. Nobody will ever know they’re working with CartFlows.

Develop your brand

Easily replace the developer’s name to your company’s, boosting the trust people have in you.

Unleash your style

You spent a lot of time choosing your brand colors. Let them show by changing the primary color and logo to match your brand!

Introducing New WP Admin

Gain the real admin privileges.

Up your branding game

Whether you’re a business owner or a designer, dress your (or your client’s) website to impress by applying custom branding. Logos, header images, and much more!

Change menu colors

Add an extra splash of color to the menu by changing the background, text, icon and hover colors. You can even apply it to all menu items at once, or customize for each item individually!

Choose a custom login page

Give your login page an entirely unique look and feel by selecting from multiple design options. It won’t even look like WordPress anymore!

Customize preloader images

Go all out and give your dashboard the ultimate branded experience with your very own animated gifs!

Admin top bar, your way

The admin toolbar is now fully editable, allowing you to hide or show the items that are important to you.

Redesigned media library

Enjoy an enhanced, super-clean look in the media library.

Updated media detail window

The media library design—taken one step further with a beautifully designed detail window.

Embrace the dark mode

Give your customers a glimpse of the dark side with an eye-protecting dark-mode dashboard for low-light working environments.

Rebrand in 3 easy steps…

Install & Activate

Quickly and easily install just like any other WordPress plugin.

Setup Your Branding

Use the settings to brand the plugin of choice to your image.


Access your data and watch your brand recognition grow!

That’s it! You’re all set. When customers use the plugin, they’ll get a more enjoyable experience with one unified brand… Yours.

Efficient navigation

Everything you need, where you need it.

Hide menu items according to level assess

Easily disable access to any menu or submenu items as you wish—or based on users’ plan levels.

Ultimate menu organization

Create a customized, productivity-incentivizing experience by reorganizing the placement of menu items. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a few tweaks!

Add custom line and header breaks

Separate and organize your menus in a way that makes visual sense to you. You can even add custom titles and use html code to create links, apply bold or italics, and more!

Choose from an array of menu icons

Either choose from our large selection of Dashicons or easily upload your own in JPG, PNG or GIF formats!

Import or export your admin UI settings

When you have something this good, why keep it to yourself? Export your configuration to a file and import on another site. Simple!

Change your login URL

Everyone has “/wp-admin.” Unleash your originality (and enhance your security) with a custom WordPress login URL.

Ready to reduce confusion and improve the user experience? Get Rebrand WP Admin today and give your website a well-deserved facelift.

Try free for 14 days!

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