Put your own spin on Ninja Tables

The easy, drag-and-drop table builder you love—but with your own
stamp on it.

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What is Ninja Tables?

Ninja Tables is a WordPress table builder plugin that provides a code-free solution for creating, editing, maintaining, and customizing tables.

The RebrandPress Experience

With Rebrand Ninja Tables, you get the opportunity to put your own twist on both the front and backend of this indispensable tool. Unlock next-level customization capabilities to ensure that your website tables fully reflect your brand message!

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John Doe

Marketing manager

Introducing Rebrand Ninja Tables

Your logo, where everyone can see it.

New name, new you

Rename the plugin and change the description on both the navigation menu and the site’s plugin page. Nobody will ever know you’re using Ninja Tables.

Develop your brand

Easily replace the developer’s link and add a custom link to your company—boosting the trust people have in you.

Settings pages refresh

Any mention of Ninja Tables’ name will be replaced by yours throughout all the settings pages!

Unleash your style

You spent a lot of time choosing your brand colors. Let them show by changing the primary color and logo to match your brand!

Rebrand in 3 easy steps…

Install & Activate

Quickly and easily install just like any other WordPress plugin.

Setup Your Branding

Use the settings to brand the plugin of choice to your image.


Access your data and watch your brand recognition grow!

That’s it! You’re all set.
When customers use the plugin, they’ll get a more enjoyable experience with one unified brand…Yours.

Ready to put your stamp on your tables? Get Rebrand Ninja Tables today and give your website that professional edge.

Try free for 14 days!

Frequently asked questions

In lieu of a refund, we have a 14 day free trial. We recommend you use that time to review the plugins before your credit card is charged. If you cancel your account before the end of the 14 day trial your card won’t be charged.

Your license is unlimited, however we issue them in increments of 100 so we can monitor our licenses from being abused. Once you get close to 100, just send us a message and we’ll gladly open up another 100 for you.

You will need an active license in order for the plugins to continue working. This goes for our PRO Membership and annual licensed plugins.

Yes we do! You can email us any time at support@waas-pro.com.

Yes, we have walkthroughs and demos for most of our plugins on our YouTube channel. More videos will be added soon for the plugins that don’t have one yet.

When you become a member, you’re getting all new features that are added to each plugin, at no additional charge.

Yes, when you’re a member you’ll have complete access to all our plugins, future included once they are released (and even some that we don’t sell individually).

Yes, the majority of our plugins have specific features that integrate with WP Ultimo. For example you can enable/disable certain features based on WP Ultimo plan levels.

Absolutely! That’s our favorite way to improve our plugins.

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