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What is LeadConnector?

LeadConnector allows you to integrate CRM and conversational tools to your WordPress website, including pipeline stages, adding leads, adding to campaigns, moving opportunities and more.

The RebrandPress Experience

With Rebrand LeadConnector, you are able to rebrand LeadConnector plugin, changing the button colors, tiles, and links to fit your own brand. Best of all, you can use it on your clients’ sites to give them a rounded brand experience.

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John Doe

Marketing manager

Add a splash of color

Gain access to multiple branding options. From changing the name and description, to adding your color and logo to the menu icon.

Remove the Rebrand

Want to remove the option to rebrand so clients don’t see? No problem, simply go to Screen Options at the top of your dashboard and save!

New settings, new you

Once that’s done, your changed settings will look exactly like this. Now, there’ll be no more mention of or LeadConnector in sight!

Rebrand in 3 easy steps…

Install & Activate

Quickly and easily install just like any other WordPress plugin.

Setup Your Branding

Use the settings to brand the plugin of choice to your image.


Access your data and watch your brand recognition grow!

That’s it! You’re all set.
When customers use the plugin, they’ll get a more enjoyable experience with one unified brand…Yours.

Ready to maximize your CRM whitelabel software? Get Rebrand LeadConnector and streamline the overall branding experience.

Try free for 14 days!

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