Regain granular control with Rebrand Elementor

Elementor is the go-to for website building and for good reason. Continue
benefiting from the plugin, but without the branding.

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What is Elementor?

Elementor has taken website building back to basics with an easy-to-use platform for WordPress creation. Trusted by millions of users, it allows you to build and design beautiful pages without coding skills.

The RebrandPress Experience

Rebrand Elementor gives pro developers the same user-friendly builder, with added branding customization options. Give your clients the pro experience by making sure their new website fully reflects who they are.

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John Doe

Marketing manager

Introducing Rebrand Elementor

New name, new you

Rename the plugin and change the description. Nobody will ever know they’re working with Elementor.

Develop your brand

Easily replace the developer’s name to your company’s, boosting the trust people have in you.

Unleash your style

You spent a lot of time choosing your brand colors. Let them show by changing the primary color to match your brand!


Our whitelabel software is the magic wand that makes your Elementor plugin look custom coded for your WaaS.

Whether on your own website or on theirs, treat your collaborators and clients to an elegant and sophisticated software that helps retain subscribers for longer.


Plugins are amazing tools, but you deserve complete control over your website. With Rebrand Elementor, you can:

  • Enable Exit Bar: Exit Elementor with 1 click! No more clicking through menus to find your way out.
  • Set all Accordions to be closed on page load: No more scrolling needlessly to find the field you’re searching for.
  • Remove all the “nag” screens to upgrade to Pro.
  • Add your own builder name to the loader screen.
  • Remove widget branding from popular “Add-on” packs like UAEL & EE.

Rebrand in 3 easy steps…

Install & Activate

Quickly and easily install just like any other WordPress plugin.

Setup Your Branding

Use the settings to brand the plugin of choice to your image.


Access your data and watch your brand recognition grow!

That’s it! You’re all set.
When customers use the plugin, they’ll get a more enjoyable experience with one unified brand…Yours.

Ready to build funnels with style? Get Rebrand Elementor today and streamline your site-building experience.

Try free for 14 days!

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