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How Rebrand Salon Booking can build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty—we all know how important it is to cultivate, but actually achieving it is a surprisingly difficult task. This is especially true for hairdressers or stylists who have to compete with so many other professionals. 

In every town and city, there are literally hundreds of barbers, hairdressers, and salons. Customers could go to a different one each time they needed a cut or style change if they wanted to. 

So what keeps them coming back to one in particular? Well, the answer for creating customer loyalty lies in the level and consistency of experience you are able to offer. 

And almost anything can influence this experience, down to the plugins you use. Before we talk about Rebrand Salon Booking and how it can help you get an edge on the competition, let’s look at the importance of loyalty and experience.

How much does customer loyalty matter?

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Even if you know that customer loyalty matters for your salon, you may be forgiven for thinking it isn’t all that important. Well, the statistics state otherwise.

Firstly, the simple fact is, it’s much easier to sell to someone who is already a customer. The reason is, people often have a certain amount of trepidation about a new business, even if they know exactly what the service is. They may wonder, are they going to cut my hair well? Is it easy to make an appointment? Is the website too difficult to bother with? 

There’s something of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” in this thinking. Assuming your salon simply meets the bare minimum expectations, they are likely to choose you over a similar competitor just because you are familiar. 

But this in itself isn’t the strongest reason and it isn’t something you can really rely on. Meeting their bare minimum expectations isn’t going to build loyalty and as soon as another salon offers something better, they’re likely to jump ship. 

This is where experience comes in.

The role of experience

The importance of experience in hair salons isn’t anything new. We all know that a fun conversation, relaxing head massage, and even a glass of bubbly goes far in building customer loyalty. 

An incredible 86% of buyers are actually willing to pay more for a good customer experience.

But the experience begins before anyone sets foot in your salon. Imagine this: You need to get a haircut, so you ring up a local hairdresser you find on the internet. They’re busy so they don’t pick up. When they do, the person on the other end is obviously so busy they just want to get your name and find a time as quickly as possible.

It does the job, you have an appointment—but how was the experience? You feel like you’re inconveniencing them for trying to use their service. And this does matter. An incredible 86% of buyers are actually willing to pay more for a good customer experience.

What is Salon Booking?

The Salon Booking plugin goes a long way in solving this issue. Many of you will already be using it, but for those of you who have never heard of it, you can find it here

Essentially, it provides you with scheduling software that is flexible and easy to use for both the customer and your staff. 

Rebrand Salon Booking 

But we aren’t here to talk about the plugin itself, as amazing as it is. If anything, we would consider having Salon Booking as an absolute prerequisite for any modern hairdressers. This option has become the minimum that customers expect, as we mentioned before. It’s likely that all your competitors already have it. 

So, how do you regain that competitive edge? Well, it’s in the little things. The more professional and streamlined your service is, the better impression you will leave on your customers. 

This is exactly what Rebrand Salon Booking does. It gives you that competitive edge on the competition by allowing you to put your logo, colors, and other branding elements over the plugin. 

Instead of your potential customers getting confused by whether or not they’re on your website, they’ll only see your name and logo. These are the small marketing tweaks that can have a surprisingly big impact on your business. 

If you’d like to discover more about Rebrand Salon Booking, feel free to get in touch. You can even benefit from a 14-day, commitment-free trial to see if you like it. Contact us now!


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